Evolution and Specialization of dnota: Leader in Environmental Quality, Air Quality and Microbiology.

Since its inception as an ambitious project to consolidate companies specialized in the environment, dnota has undergone an impressive evolution. It has established itself as a benchmark in air, water, soil and noise quality control. Its trajectory, as specialists, is dnota Leader Air Quality Microbiology Sustainable Environments, marked by strategic acquisitions and specialization, has positioned the company as a leader in the air quality and microbiology sectors.

Geographic Expansion and Water Quality Specialization

In 2009, dnota took its first steps by acquiring LVM Cavendish, a laboratory specialized in water and effluent quality control in Grenada. This acquisition not only marked the beginning of the geographical expansion at national level. It also marked the beginning of a process of investment and expansion of the laboratory, consolidating its position with recognized accreditations.

Strategic Income in Air Quality

El año 2010 fue crucial con la adquisición de Exten Control, una empresa especializada en suministrar instrumentación de calidad del aire. Esta estrategia incluyó acuerdos estratégicos con marcas líderes como Thermo Fisher Scientific, Digitel y SYNSPEC. dnota se consolida como uno de los principales operadores de calidad del aire a nivel nacional.

Simultáneamente, la incorporación de SIR, SA en el mismo año, especializada en servicios para redes de calidad de aire de administraciones públicas, fortaleció la presencia de dnota en este sector. dnota Líder Calidad del Aire y Microbiología Entornos Sostenibles.

Laboratorio Móvil Calidad del Aire
Diversification and Specialization in Microbiology

In 2015, HYDRAENA joined dnota’s portfolio of activities, specializing in the biological status of waters. This addition positioned dnota as an operator of analytical and consulting services aimed at Hydrographic Confederations.

The year 2021 marked a milestone with the incorporation of Laboratorios ACCA in Almeria, completing dnota’s presence in Andalusia and expanding its client portfolio in water analysis.

In addition, in the same year, dnota diversified its offering by moving into food quality control. The incorporation of Microbial and Laboratori Cat Gairin in Girona strengthened dnota’s presence in molecular food microbiology and food safety analysis.

dnota Leader Air Quality Microbiology Sustainable Environments

Laboratorio de Agua
Innovation and Strategy in Smart Cities

In 2021, dnota acquired an equity stake in Bettair Cities, a manufacturer of static nodes for measuring air pollution. Bettair’s advanced technology enabled dnota to accurately map urban air pollution.

In October 2022, dnota redefined its strategic focus by selling the Water and Noise Quality Control business unit, focusing its efforts on air quality and microbiological analysis in food and water, with Microbial.

International Expansion and Microbial’s Transformation

In 2023, dnota starts its international expansion, looking for partners in Europe, America and Asia. This strategy seeks to bring Bettair Cities technology to major cities around the world, supported by high-precision IoT sensors.

In November 2023, Microbial starts a new phase as an independent laboratory specialized in molecular microbiology, focusing on food and water quality control.

Currently, dnota operates synergistically in air quality, developing its activity according to internationally recognized quality systems. Its commitment to improving sustainable development continues to be evident through the sale of products and services that guarantee accurate information on the environmental quality of the environment. dnota’s history is a testament to adaptability, innovation and leadership in the air quality and microbiology sectors.

Current Positioning and Commitment to Sustainability

As of 2022, dnota remains a major player in air quality, offering engineering services and network maintenance, and supplying environmental monitoring and meteorology equipment. At the same time, it reinforces its position in the Smart Cities market, intensifying its presence in cities and pollution control.

The strong relationship with Bettair Cities and world-renowned manufacturers, such as Thermo Scientific, Synspec and Digitel, highlights dnota’s ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, with more than 20 years of collaboration.

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