Access the Client Area

With the aim of facilitating customer access to reports and projects, minimizing the delivery time of the results, as well as enabling the use of different applications and services that may be of interest, Dnota Medio Ambiente makes available to users the following service on line from Download Reports and Telematic Services.

Dnota Medio Ambiente has developed a system of alerts, confidential storage and statistical processing of georeferenced data in GIS, publication of reports with electronic signature, downloads in different compatible formats and other telematic services through its web server, for access by clients and authorized personnel.

All access to information and services is done through personalized passwords on a certified and secure domainThis guarantees that the domain belongs to our organization and that, thanks to the SSL protocolThe communication between clients and server is totally confidential and cannot be intercepted or modified by a third party. The client can download, from Dnota Medio Ambiente’s secure server, the information with full confidentiality or keep it there for processing and consultation from any terminal with Internet access.