reference in the Multibeam High Resolution Bathymetric Mapping System for Marine Littoral Water Quality Monitoring

commitment to the NORBIT ASA Compact High Resolution Bathymetric Mapping service.

This all-in-one, broadband multibeam, all-in-one solution provides high-resolution bathymetry over a wide swath. The high-end sonar with Applanix WaveMaster II (the world’s leading GNSS/INS system) integrated into the unit ensures fast and reliable mobilization and top quality sounding for surveys in all conditions. The WBMS series is based on a flexible sonar platform using the latest in analog and digital signal processing.

Thanks to the extensive experience of
in #water # quality #control in the #marine #coast, all its customers can benefit from this innovative service.

dnota medio ambiente, S.L. which has been carrying out hydrographic and marine geophysical works for the last 15 years, has expanded and improved its portfolio of services in this field with the acquisition of new material resources, among which the latest generation IWBMS multibeam sounder from Norbit stands out.

It is an all-in-one integrated broadband multibeam system with high resolution. It features a compact design for easy transport and installation on any type of vessel. This equipment integrates in the sonar head, a GNSS system with INS system for high performance inertial navigation.

The Norbit IWBMS sonde allows high-resolution bathymetry in record time and in the most variable conditions. Due to its small size and portability, as well as the integration of all wetted parts in the same transducer, installation and calibration times of the equipment can be reduced.

It is an ideal probe for bathymetric surveys in coastal waters, canals, bays, rivers, reservoirs, as well as dredging or environmental prospecting projects.

The services offered by
dnota medio ambiente, S.L.
with this new equipment are:

  • Accurate bathymetries for dredging and marine works control
  • Revision of pipelines, outfalls and underwater cabling
  • Environmental monitoring of mooring systems installed on sensitive seabeds
  • Seagrass monitoring and bionomic mapping
  • Side scan sonar applications down to depths of 30 meters
  • Inspection of dikes and coastal structures