The city of Mataró organizes the Festa al Cel 2014, composed of the Air Festival and other events related to aeronautics, for the last weekend of September.

The City Council of Mataró has appointed Pep Hurtado de dnota as Maritime Safety Coordinator for the event.

The duties of the coordinator are to define the tasks, communication structures, workflow and timelines for all stakeholders of the 2014 Air Festival event, as provided for in the. Royal Decree 62/2008of January 25, which approves the Regulation of the conditions of maritime safety, navigation and human life at sea applicable to commemorative nautical gatherings and nautical-sporting events and in accordance with the Royal Decree 1919/2009of December 11, regulating aeronautical safety in civil aerial demonstrations. Furthermore, these security guidelines aim to differentiate the different areas of interrelation between the event organizer and the city authorities and all parties involved with respect to their strategic and operational responsibilities on site during the preparation and also during the event.

Maritime security is monitored by the devices contracted by the organization and by those public troops that are available to be deployed at any time:

  • organization’s vessels
  • Red Cross boats and motorcycles
  • boats and helicopters of the regional security forces (Mossos d’Esquadra and Firefighters of the Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • vessels and helicopters of the state security forces (GEAS, Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, Customs Surveillance and Maritime Rescue).

Attendance at the event is more than 50,000 people for the exhibition days, while the training sessions, not being advertised, are attended only by regular users of the coastline, including passing boats. Bathers may not exceed the bathing areas marked by the seasonal buoy device, which are always outside the restricted safety zone for the exhibition.