Eco Physics nCLD 88

O3 Analyzer Eco Physics nCLD 88 O3

The nCLD 88 O3 offers fast and accurate O3 measurement.
The extremely high sensitivity and fast response time of the nCLD 88 O3 allows the detection of concentrations in the parts per trillion range and is perfectly suited for Foucault covariance measurements.
Its new intuitive user interface also allows you to connect and display data from other instruments.


Accurate and reliable

The nCLD 88 O3 is the “Gold Standard” in accuracy and speed for tropospheric research and sophisticated applications. Detects and monitors even the smallest ozone variations.
Unlike the widely used UV absorption technique, the nCLD 88 O3 offers a data sampling rate of up to 10 Hz. In particular, for Eddy Covaraince measurements, this analyzer matches the NO data using the same principle in reverse.
The high sampling rate is also necessary for aircraft measurements.
Optional sample streams and electronic filtering allow adaptation to various tropospheric and research applications.

Ease of use with <<GUI>>

The new touch interface allows individual adjustment of instrument operation and data management according to the user’s needs and applications. All necessary data are available on a continuous basis. The bright seven-inch monitor provides a clear view and a graphical and numerical display of values. Multiple digital inputs and outputs ensure maximum connectivity and flexibility for remote operation and maintenance of the nCLD 88 O3.

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