Thermo Scientific 410iQ

Thermo Scientific 410iQ CO2 Analyzer

The Thermo ScientificTM 410iQ carbon dioxide (CO2) analyzer uses advanced Non-Dispersive Infrared Infrared (NDIR) optical filter technology to measure CO2 concentrations.


Non-Stop Intelligence

  • Predictive Diagnostics
    Address problems before they occur with improved maintenance and plug and play components. Continuous access to your analyzer information helps minimize troubleshooting time with innovative, interchangeable DMC modules in a rugged, highly accurate solution.
  • Proactive Communication
    Maintain optimal performance using iQ360 and email alerts. When you subscribe to the iQ360 service, your instrument communicates directly with our technical support team when the alarm is triggered. Our technical support team develops a remediation plan and emails it to your staff. Eliminate surprises and stay in control of your day with iQ series gas analyzers.
  • Personal Device Connectivity
    Continuous real-time remote monitoring is now possible with the complementary iQ application for mobile devices. The iQ application allows you to remotely monitor iQ gas analyzers, simplify ways to contact us, and instantly access maintenance alerts and product documentation.

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