On September 13, DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE signed the acquisition of the activity branch of the company HYDRAENA, S.L.L.L.
HYDRAENA, S.L.L. is a company specialized in works related to the application of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and especially with the Control of Biological and Hydromorphological Indicators, which are included in the Monitoring Programs of the Ecological Status of surface water bodies. This activity is complemented with the Chemical Status Control that DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE has been developing since its incorporation.
With the entry into force of Royal Decree 817/2015, of September 11, the basic criteria for the design and implementation of monitoring programs for surface water bodies are established, bringing together the chemical (CHEMICAL STATUS) and biological, physicochemical and hydromorphological (ECOLOGICAL STATUS) quality elements.
The fact that the Royal Decree is mandatory for all Hydrographic Districts, places DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE in a privileged position, as it can opt with its own means for the development of the exploitation works of these Monitoring Programs of the State of the water masses. During the 2015-2021 scenario, more than 5,000 bodies of water should be monitored in the national territory through 4,400 monitoring stations.
This acquisition will be used to carry out all works in full compliance with the Water Framework Directive.
HYDRAENA, S.L.L. has also executed works related to the detection and control of Invasive Species as well as river and riverbank restoration projects.
With the incorporation of HYDRAENA, DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE will continue with the strategy of broadening its scope with ENAC, a basic pillar of its strategy.
DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE, S.L. is the result of the concentration process of companies specialized in different areas of environmental quality. Since September 2009, DNOTA has been acquiring companies such as EXTECO, LABORATORIOS CAVENDISH, SIRSA and LITORAL CONSULT.
At present, DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE, S.L. operates synergistically in the environmental sector, developing its activity according to internationally recognized quality systems, maintaining the vocation of contributing to the improvement of the sustainable development of human activities through the provision of control and maintenance services of equipment and systems that guarantee the obtaining of adequate information on the environmental quality of the environment (controls, inspections, tests, calibrations, monitoring, reports…).
Specifically, the company brings together specialized services in the following business lines on environmental vectors: ATMOSPHERE, WATER, SOIL, WASTE, ACOUSTIC and VIBRATION, information on which can be found at (www.dnota.com)
DNOTA MEDIO AMBIENTE, S.L. is a company with a national presence, with a turnover of about 8 million € and more than 100 employees. The company’s business plan involves increasing its turnover to 12 million euros, and the acquisition of HYDRAENA, S.L.L. is the materialization of the strategy of diversifying activities and opening up new business sectors.