dnota has been awarded the contract for the acoustic impact study of railway infrastructure projects in the Mediterranean Corridor.

The Mediterranean Corridor is a rail corridor that runs mainly parallel to the Mediterranean coast in eastern Spain.

Mediterranean CorridorThe term is used to describe several different lines in the same corridor, both in terms of their type (high speed, conventional line, freight line…), their situation (in service, under construction, in project, in planning…), and their scope (from Barcelona-Valencia to the whole Mediterranean). All these lines are related to each other by linking the same cities and sharing several sections and stations. Together with the Atlantic Corridor and the Central Corridor, they will be the three main transport networks for both people and goods between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the European continent.

The purpose of the contract is the development of the acoustic study in the indicated area (Castellbisbal-Almussafes), to compare the acoustic levels before and after the implementation of the third lane in the Mediterranean Corridor.

The scenario prior to the entry into service of the third lane will be determined by 2013 traffic, and the future scenario will correspond to the projections for the year 2040. In addition, an intermediate analysis scenario will be established in 2020.

estacio nord

Detail of the previous modeling of Valencia’s Estació del Nord.